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Developed to give charities insights and evidence concerning how to best achieve their goals, we have found that monitoring and evaluation are useful to help a wide range of organisations - in the public, private and third sectors - to realise their full potential.

For charities, social enterprises and businesses we provide tailored monitoring and evaluation services. These services are designed to ensure that clients' initiatives achieve their maximum social impact while maintaining a sustainable business and satisfying funders.

Our focus in analysis and reporting is on giving the specific, actionable insights which are most useful for our clients. We can:

- Identify corrective actions to be taken to maintain integrity and impact for ongoing initiatives.

- Demonstrate performance and the net impact of activities.

- Demonstrate the financial and social return on investment.

- Identify ways in which future projects and programmes can be improved to maximise benefit and return.

We work with organisations to establish a robust evaluation framework tailored to the programme’s objectives. Within the framework, we identify:

- Evaluation aims.

- Programme outcome indicators.

- Data collection and assessment timelines.

- Internal programme data and external evidence to be collected.

- Ethical approaches to data collection.

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