Katy Hughes, Research Assistant

Katy comes from an education background, having worked for the last decade in the ESL industry in both teaching and management roles. She has particular experience in refugee education, and has worked with refugees and asylum seekers in the UK and Greece. As the project manager for a non-formal education programme in a refugee camp in mainland Greece, Katy was responsible for the management of a kindergarten, children’s activities and adult education, including the design and implementation of a function-based syllabus for adult English learning. Since joining The Research Base in early 2022, she has worked on projects for the Royal Society and British Council, covering diverse topics including English for disadvantaged communities, international skills systems and diversity in STEM employment.

Katy holds a BA in Politics and American Studies from De Montfort University, for which she was awarded the James B. Ralph prize for best dissertation, alongside an MA in Migration and Global Development (distinction) from the University of Sussex.

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