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The Brief

The Research Base was asked to assist with the development and maintenance of the client’s databank, which includes a comprehensive collection of data indicators relating to the education sector in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.The aim of the project was to review and amend the databank, in order to make it easier for staff to use and update, and to enhance the quality of information so as to include more recent and relevant data.

Project Approach

We identified and sourced a considerable spectrum of data for indicators in the databank, including performing calculations for missing data, and developing forecasts to enable the client to review possible future trends in key markets. The data collected was merged and coded into one central database, which allows users to access the full data, or to pull out individual datasheets for each of the client’s market segments, depending on their needs. In addition to the database, we also developed a full report containing a summary of the data together with analysis, and visual scorecards in key areas of interest to enable the main findings to be distinguished more easily by readers.


Our databank helps shape our client’s strategic decision making in each of their key market segments. Using the indicators and scorecards provided, users can identify past, present and possible future trends and developments, as well as note opportunities and threats of which staff should be aware. The databank is updated twice a year so as to ensure the data is timely and relevant, and to incorporate any additional indicators into newly identified priority markets.