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The Future of Education Research

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Royal Society & British Academy

The Future of Education Research

United Kingdom

2 months

The Brief

The Research Base was commissioned to conduct a study into the future of education research by the Royal Society and British Academy. The aim of the project was to identify the expectations for educational research, and the research needs and priorities of those people working within and around the education research ecosystem who, between them, share the greatest responsibility for ensuring that primary and secondary education delivers the best possible outcomes for school and college leavers.

Project Approach

Focus groups and interviews were held across the country with a range of school teachers from across the state and private sectors, teachers in sixth form and FE colleges, educational researchers and policy makers. Topics discussed included diversity, socio-economic disadvantage and international comparisons.


The ultimate outcome of the project is, through the future work of the Royal Society and British Academy, to ensure that educational research both informs and is informed by policy and practice, through understanding the opportunities and challenges for teachers, researchers and policy makers. The final report was published in 2019.