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UK Education Company

Market Entry Analysis

Australia, Caribbean, Gulf, Ireland & Malaysia

6 months

The Brief

The Research Base was commissioned by an international education client to research and produce international industry market maps across a number of key sectors: green skills, catering and hospitality, oil and gas, and security.

The project brief required us to provide market intelligence with a particular focus on the learning environment and broader workforce trends, levels of government investment and other key stakeholders for specific countries within each sector.

Project Approach

For each market sector, we looked at education and training systems within each country and the general sector context; conducted a PESTLE, competitor and SWOT analysis; and developed recommendations for market entry and/or development. The research was predominantly desk-based; key sources included government datasets and policy documentation, reports from international institutions such as the ILO and UNESCO, and other relevant sources identified through Boolean searches. Research was carefully assessed for its relevance to each industry sector; both qualitative and quantitative evidence were included.

Deliverables comprised a PowerPoint presentation and full written report for each industry sector. The PowerPoint presentations were designed to be visually engaging to help stimulate discussion as part of the internal dissemination strategy.


The research findings, together with the internal analysis and recommendations, were used to inform the client’s level of investment in products and services within each of the targeted sectors and countries, and informed its approach to market development. The research also fed into the client’s broader business intelligence analysis.