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Developing a World-Class TVET System for MENA Country

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Country Skills Ministry

World-Class TVET Strategy for MENA country

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3 months

The Brief

Working with a major education organisation, we were commissioned to develop a model and strategy to inform the future development of a world-class TVET system for a MENA country. The model was developed on a robust assessment of international evidence and validation obtained through in-country consultation.

Project Approach

The consultancy involved three main elements:

1. Determining the key sectors likely to have the greatest potential for investment, growth and learner popularity in 2030.

2. Analysing other TVET systems to ascertain the most effective models in terms of regulatory and operating frameworks, quality assurance systems, inward investment policies and other facilitating factors.

3. Consulting with the skills ministry and other key stakeholders in-country to validate the strategic options and facilitate the development of a robust roadmap for model implementation.


The consultancy process is still underway, but the model and roadmap will underpin the study country's future TVET strategy.