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Youth Sports Clubs Evaluation

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Youth Sport Trust

Youth Sports Clubs Evaluation

United Kingdom

1 year

The Brief

The Research Base was commissioned by the Youth Sport Trust (YST) to conduct research with pupils, teachers and sports organisations in order to determine the impact of the YST’s school sports clubs and workforce development programme.

Project Approach

The research comprised the following methods:

          A document review;

          Surveys with young people both before and after their involvement in the programme, in order to determine change;

          Focus groups with pupils after their involvement in the programme;

          Surveys with teachers, coaches and mentors;

          Interviews with teachers and YST staff; and

          Field visits, including observations of the programme.

360 pupils were surveyed at each stage of the research, with additional primary research (focus groups and interviews) held in 46 schools. The various strands of research were drawn together into a full evaluation report looking at relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability, together with a series of programme case studies.


The final report has provided our client with a strong evidence-base that will inform future programme development and guide funding priorities.