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Developing a Sectoral Skills System for Chile

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Inter-American Development Bank

Sectoral Skills System for Chile

Chile, Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, UK

6 months

The Brief

The Research Base was commissioned by the Inter-American Development Bank and the Chilean Ministry of Labour to develop a blueprint for a sectoral skills system for Chile. The project aimed to identify critical elements of a successful sectoral skills system, based upon the experiences of other countires, and to provide recommendations for implementation tailored to the specific needs and capacity of Chile.

Project Approach

Areas for investigation included sector divisions and groupings, objectives and remit, governance and structure, funding, stakeholder engagement, employer engagement, labour market intelligence and quality management. The project included a literature review. Country reviews were undertaken in Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and a detailed review of the Chilean context (incorporating desk research, data analysis and forecasting, and field interviews) was completed. The project also comprised sectoral roundtables in Chile. Recommendations were developed on the recommended system structure for Chile, based on best practice observed in country studies, and the specific needs of the Chilean system. A detailed implementation plan was developed in parallel.


The project was used to inform Chile's strategy for and development of a sectoral skills system.