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Teaching & Training Markets

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International Awarding Body

Teaching & Training Markets

UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa, India

4 months

The Brief

The Research Base was commissioned by an international awarding body to examine the teaching and training markets in the UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa and India, with a view to determining the potential for the organisation to market and sell its teaching and training qualifications.

Project Approach

We used data on education and training provision to create estimates of the overall market size, broken down into the primary, secondary, formal vocational education and training (VET), university and informal adult/VET sectors; where this data was not available, we created estimates using our knowledge of the markets combined with interviews to fill gaps. The project also incorporated analysis of teaching and training provision in each of the five countries, including examples of innovative practice. We analysed barriers and opportunities in order to inform recommendations for the development of our client’s product.


The findings for this project were used by the client to determine areas of focus for its teaching and training products, further development and refinement of the products themselves, and approaches for market entry and development.